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List of on-demand training courses offer by IIA Global online

65 Training courses

Certificate Programs
COSO Internal Control Certificate Program
COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Programs
Assessing Fraud Risks
Training Bundles
Internal Audit Overview Bundle
Internal Audit Essentials Bundle
Ethics Essentials
CAE/Director Bundle
Data Analytics Essentials Bundle
Audit Engagement Fundamentals Bundle
Governance, Risk Management, and Controls Bundle
IT Essentials Bundle
Executive Development
Audit Reports – Communicating Assurance Results
Assessing Cybersecurity Risk: Roles of the three-line of defence
Understanding and Auditing Big Data
Application Security
Application Controls
End-User Computing
Auditing Systems in Development
Logical Security: The Network Layer
Logical Security: Application, Database, and Operating System Layers
Audit Recovery Processes
Soft Skills
Communication Basics
Ethical Scenarios for the Public Sector
Organizational Political Pressure
Governance, Risk, and Control
Auditing Culture
Auditing IT Governance
CGAP Domain IV: Government Auditing Environment
CGAP Domain III: Government Auditing Skills & Techniques
CGAP Domain II: Government Auditing Practice
Internal Controls
Governance Overview
Risk Management
Risk Fraud and Illegal Acts (Two Courses)
Audit Fundamentals  
Understanding the IPPF
Code of Ethics Conformance
Auditing Capital Adequacy and Stress Testing for Banks
Auditing Model Risk Management
Liquidity Risk Management
Auditing Third Party Risk
Auditing Grants - Public Sector
Audit Interviews
Root Cause Analysis Tools and Techniques
Introduction to Internal Auditing
The Consulting Engagement
Conducting the Assurance Engagement
Assurance Engagement Communications
Introduction to the Engagement Process
Audit Report Quality
Audit Evidence & Workpapers
Lean Six Sigma Overview for Internal Audit
FCPA: Anti-Corruption Overview
Ethics for Internal Auditors
CAATs, Data Mining, and Other Internal Audit Activities
Defining Populations for Data Analytics
Data Sampling
Data Analysis Overview
COSO Based Auditing: Auditing for Control Activities
COSO Based Auditing: Risk Assessment
COSO Based Auditing: Overview
Audit Management
Breaking Down the Standards for the CAE
CIA and Other Exam Preparation
CGAP Exam Prep Program