IIA India & Chapters hold Annual Conferences during the second half of the year ( September – March). Current & emerging issues in Governance, Risk Management, Controls & Internal Audit are discussed and debated by subject matter persons, experienced internal auditors, senior corporate professionals, consultants, etc. These conferences promote & expand knowledge & skills in internal auditing and provide a forum for exchange of ideas amongst internal auditors. Members are encouraged to volunteer and participate in agenda setting, speaker interaction, event management or where they think is a useful area to contribute. Those interested to suggest Agenda should contact their respective Chapter Administrators send their suggestions to IIA India Administrator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
2019-20 IIA India & Chapter Conferences
18th Oct 2019 Delhi Chapter Delhi
13th - 14th Dec 2019 Madras Chapter Chennai
19th - 20th Dec 2019 Bombay Chapter Mumbai
30th - 31st Jan 2020 Bangalore Chapter Bengaluru
15th Feb 2020 Hyderabad Chapter Hyderabad 
20th Feb 2020 Calcutta Chapter Kolkatta


2020-21 IIA India & Chapter Conferences
9/10/2020 IIA India 1st Virtual Conference 2020
13/2/2021 IIA India Calcutta Chapter Annual Conference 2021
19/2/2021 IIA India Women Circle Annual Conference 2021
12/03/2021 IIA India Bombay Chapter Annual Conference 2021
03-04-2021 IIA India Hyderabad Chapter Annual Conference 2021