December 2020 

Dear Member,

IIA India hopes that you and your near and dear ones are healthy and safe. Despite announcements about successful vaccines and increasing standardisation of treatment of COVID 19, the need to stay careful remains.

Membership initiatives continue to take root with the launch of our Vizag Audit Club under the aegis of the Hyderabad Chapter. Our best wishes to the members of the newest entrant. The count of our Audit Clubs, at 10, now reaches double figures. We do look forward to this increasing network spreading awareness, competencies and professionalism in the sphere of governance, risk management, internal controls and internal audit.

Our emphasis on virtual events has continued, post our highly successful Virtual National Conference, which was attended by close to 2000 participants from over 60 countries. The conference was followed up with well-attended webinars highlighting the importance of technology, reskilling of internal auditors and increased risks of fraud and cybersecurity. We are happy to note that we will be comfortably crossing the figure of 100 virtual events and trainings between April and December 2020.

IIA Inc. has recently released its annual risk report OnRisk 2021 which highlights the key risks organisations are likely to face globally. It also brings in an interesting approach by comparing the perspectives of the Audit Committee, CAEs and Management during the pandemic impacted times. To quote “response to the pandemic contributed to generally improved alignment among risk management players on business continuity, risk management, and communications. The pandemic also exposed the strengths and weaknesses of how organizations manage disruption. However, COVID-19’s most influential long-term impact may be the marked acceleration of technology’s positive and negative effects on cybersecurity, talent management, economic and political volatility, and disruptive innovation.” I have no doubt that all members will benefit by going through this report.

With 2020 coming to a close, I take this opportunity of wishing you all a healthier, happier and professionally satisfying 2021. 

With Warm Regards

Nikhel Kochhar

Chief Advisor

IIA India

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