Advocate Internal Auditing

Advocacy is defined by The IIA as instilling pride in the internal audit profession, encouraging change and building relationships with organizations and stakeholders that impact the profession globally.

Over the years IIA India has worked to promote, support and further the internal audit profession in India. It has entered into MOUs including with the Controller General of Accounts, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Govt of India to strengthen the internal audit activities

 A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between Office of Controller General of Accounts and The Institute of Internal Auditors -India.  The MOU is made at New Delhi on the 14th day of September, 2016.  The MoU is an expression of convergence between the Office of CGA and IIA-India to establish cooperative processes within their areas of competence on the following:-

  • Sharing information and best practices, including those related to activities of internal auditors of government institutions and organization and their interaction;
  • Exchanging analytical materials in the field of improving the system of internal auditing, and other pertinent information of mutual interest; for this purpose.  The parties will establish the structure, format and procedures for data and information sharing;
  • Exchanging initiatives with regard to the advancement of internal auditing in state institutions and organizations;
  • Co-operating in the field of professional education and training with the aim to have qualified internal auditors in civil ministries of Government of India.;
  • Developing proposals on making improvements to internal audit activities in Government institutions and organizations, including the process of encouraging internal auditors to attain recognized professional qualifications;
  • Exchanging experience in the field of audit methodology, including application of the international standards for the professional practices of Internal Auditing;
  • Co-operating within their areas of competence in other areas of mutual interest; and
  • Encouraging cross-country experiences through international exchanges.

About Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

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